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If you’re looking for some old-fashioned good guy/bad guy shootout action, try these movies on hoopla. 

6 Guns 

A young woman and a bounty hunter track down the men who killed her family 

Abilene Town 

Homesteaders battle each other in Abilene, Kansas. 

Against A Crooked sky 

A young man tries to rescue his kidnapped sister from savage Indians.

An Innocent Man 

John Wayne is a man falsely accused of murder who infiltrates a gang of ruthless outlaws to find the real killer. 

Angel And The Badman 

John Wayne is a wounded outlaw who falls in love with a Quaker’s daughter while seeking his father’s killer. 

Any Bullet Will Do 

A ruthless headhunter tracks his own brother through Big Sky country. 

The Attic Door 

Two orphaned pioneer siblings must confront their greatest fear. 


A gunslinger detective goes after three Civil War criminals. 

The Ballad Of Lefty Brown 

A cowboy goes on a dangerous journey to avenge his partner’s brutal murder. 

Bells Of San Angelo 

A border guard tries to rescue a woman from an evil miner. 

Big Jake 

John Wayne goes after the gang who kidnapped his grandson. 

Big Kill 

A tenderfoot, two misfit gamblers, and a preacher face destiny in a dying town. 

Big Muddy 

A woman drifter goes on the run after her teenage son commits a horrible crime. 

Billy The Kid Trapped 

The legendary outlaw and his friends go after impostors who framed them for a series of crimes. 

Blood Country  

A sheriff hunts an outlaw accused of killing his own brother. 

Blue Steel 

John Wayne is an undercover federal marshall who helps a sheriff investigate a land-grabbing scheme. 

Bone Tomahawk 

Gunslingers go after cannibal savages who kidnap a group of settlers. 

Boots And Saddles 

Gene Autry tries to turn a young Englishman into a horse-raising rancher. 


A troubled boy is sent to work on a ranch one summer under two veteran cowboys, and he bonds with the ranch owner. 

The Bygone 

A young rancher meets a Lakota girl, who then mysteriously disappears. 

Calamity Jane’s Revenge 

Calamity Jane seeks the men who killed Wild Bill Hickok, while a lawman tries to stop her. 


Elvis Presley tries to find the crooks who framed him for stealing a cannon. 

Cheat The Hangman 

The son of a hangman gets involved in a fatal gunfight with his father’s killers, then is arrested and tried by the local hanging judge. 

Christmas On The Range 

A woman trying to save her family ranch gets unexpected help from a rival’s handsome son. 

Cold Vengeance 

John Wayne battles his father’s killer. 

The Confederate 

In 1864 Georgia, a young woman disguises herself as a boy and joins the Confederate Army to escape an arranged marriage. 

Cowboy And The Senorita 

A singing cowboy and his companion are accused of robbery after finding a treasure in an old mine. 

Cowboys & Indians 

A former cavalry officer is hired to rescue a woman from renegade Indians. 

The Dark Valley 

A bitter gunfighter out for revenge arrives in an Austrian town claiming to be a traveling American photographer. 

The Dawn Rider 

John Wayne encounters hostility and jealousy in his hometown when he returns to seek his father’s killers. 

Day Of The Gun 

A widow battles a powerful rancher. 

Days Of Jesse James 

Roy Rogers helps Jesse James prove his innocence when the outlaw is framed for bank robbery. 

Dead 7 

A ragtag band of assassins battles zombies in the post-apocalyptic West. 

The Desert Trail 

Rodeo rider John Wayne goes after thieves who frame him and his partner for murder. 


A man saves a woman from bandits, then confronts the gang in a town they’ve just destroyed. 

Falcon Song 

A drifter helps a rancher’s granddaughter fight an age old land war. 

The Far Side Of Jericho 

Three widows of hanged gang members flee from pursuers after their husbands’ treasure. 


A woman joins German prospectors seeking gold in the Klondike, and together they battle ruthless killers. 

Gold Strike River 

John Wayne seeks gold along the Gold Strike River. 

Good For Nothing 

A young English woman heading to her uncle’s ranch is kidnapped by an outlaw, but they fall in love as he leads them on a dangerous journey. 

The Great Silence 

A mute gunslinger stands between bounty hunters and the persecuted outlaws they are after. 

Gunfight At Yuma 

A gunslinger and two strangers help a desperate preacher battle an evil presence. 

Guns Along The Trail 

Government agent John Wayne goes undercover to nab counterfeiters. 

Hands Across The Border 

When a horse-breeder friend dies riding temperamental stallion Trigger, Roy Rogers tries to train him and help his late friend’s family secure a government contract. 


Wild Bill Hickok tangles with outlaws when he becomes the town marshal of Abilene, Kansas. 

Home In Oklahoma 

Newspaper editor Roy Rogers investigates a ranch owner’s death while protecting the man’s young ward. 

Into The West 

Two kids flee with their beloved horse to protect him from a greedy breeder. 

The Jade Pendant 

A young Chinese woman fleeing an arranged marriage is tricked into prostitution in America, but uses her martial arts skills to escape and find happiness. 

Kill Or Be Killed 

Outlaws trying to retrieve their hidden fortune battle bounty hunters after them. 

The Lawless Frontier 


John Wayne goes after his parents’ killer. 

Legal Action 

A big-city lawyer visits a small town to defend his ex-wife's brother on a murder charge, which pits him against a corrupt land developer. 

Lonesome Dove Church 

A preacher battles a cold-blooded killer when his estranged son is accused of robbery and murder. 

The Lucky Texan 

Blacksmith John Wayne and his friend plot revenge on the crooks who stole a gold nugget they found in a horseshoe. 

The Magnificent Seven 

John Sturges’ 1960 classic about seven master gunmen protecting a town from vicious bandits. Starring Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen in the role that made him a star. 

The Man From Utah 

Agent John Wayne tries to find out who is killing rodeo riders for prize money. 


A John Wayne classic, in which he’s a cattle rancher caught between lovely new cook and feisty ex-wife Maureen O’Hara-with cowboys, Indians, gun battles, and fights galore! 

Meek’s Cutoff 

Three families battle hunger, thirst, and each other when they hire a mountain man to guide them over the Cascade Mountains. 

My Little Chickadee 

Mae West and W.C.Fields star in this classic Western comedy as a sexy singer on the run and the con man she marries to save her reputation. 

My Name Is Nobody 

Henry Fonda and Terence Stamp star in Sergio Leone’s cult classic as an aging gunslinger and the young fan who sets him up for a final showdown with deadly bad guys. 

My Pal Trigger 

The story of Roy Rogers and his relationship with beloved horse Trigger. 

'Neath The Arizona Skies 

Cowboy John Wayne helps a young half-Indian woman find her estranged white father.

Out Of Liberty 

A jailer must protect his prisoners-and himself-from mob attacks. 

The Outlaw 

Doc Holliday, Pat Garrett, and Billy The Kid battle each other over the law and sexy Rio McDonald. This is the controversial movie that introduced Jane Russell. 

The Outsider 

A sheriff tries to protect his violent son from a railroad worker out for revenge.

Patagonia Treasure Trail: An Eco-Western 

A young musician and her mother find danger while camping in the mountains. 

Phantom Ranger 

An FBI G-man infiltrates a gang to rescue a kidnapped Treasury Department engraver. 


Black infantrymen travel out West, where their leader hunts down the men who lynched his father. 

The Proud Rebel 

A Confederate veteran and his mute, traumatized son arrive in a small town to find a doctor-but the father is framed for assault.

Queen Of The Yukon 

A casino riverboat owner tries to hide her unsavory lifestyle from her daughter. 

Rage At Dawn 

An agent goes after a notorious gang that includes a beautiful young woman. 

Rainbow Valley 

Undercover agent John Wayne helps the residents of a small town fight a vicious gang. 

Randy Rides Alone 

Undercover agent John Wayne probes a small-town muder. 

Redemption: For Robbing The Dead 

A sheriff is responsible for the well-being of his despised prisoner. 

Return Of The Magnificent Seven 

In this sequel to the 1960 classic, gunslinger Yul Brynner again rounds up his five friends to defend a town from vicious outlaws. 

Ride In The Whirlwind 

Mistaken for outlaws, three cowboys are pursued by a posse. 

Riders Of Destiny 

Government agent John Wayne helps ranchers battle a greedy businessman for water rights. 

The Riders Of The Whistling Skull 

Three cowboys investigate a murder at an archaeological expedition. 

Round-up Time In Texas 

In South Africa, Gene Autry helps his brother battle a vicious saloon owner who’s after his diamond mine. 

Sagebrush Trail 


Escaped prisoner John Wayne meets the outlaw who framed him for murder. 

San Fernando Valley 

Roy Rogers tracks down crooks who stole horses from the rancher who fired them. 

Seven Alone 

After their parents die, seven children continue the family’s rough journey on the Oregon Trail. 

The Shooting 

Two cowboys join a mysterious woman in a revenge scheme. 

Six Gun Savior 

A cowboy is double crossed by the Devil after making a deal to revive his dead brother. 

Slow West 

A bounty hunter hides his real motive from the teenager he’s guarding in 1800s Colorado. 

Soda Springs 

A man confronts his past to make a better future. 

Springtime In The Sierras 

Roy Rogers tries to stop a gang from killing game out of season. 

Stagecoach (1939)

John Ford’s 1939 classic that made John Wayne a star. He’s the Ringo Kid, an escaped prisoner who helps nine people on a dangerous journey to New Mexico. 

Stagecoach (2016)

A rancher’s outlaw past comes back to haunt him when a man he once maimed seeks revenge. 

Stagecoach Run 

John Wayne battles a villain trying to cheat him out of a lucrative mail delivery contract. 

The Star Packer 


U.S. marshal John Wayne goes after bandits terrorizing a small town. 

Stolen Goods 

Marshal John Wayne goes after The Polka Dot Bandit. 

The Stranger’s Gundown 

A mysterious stranger takes on former Confederate officers who betrayed their regiment and caused its destruction. 

The Timber 

In the Outback, two brothers become bounty hunters to save their home. 


A Boer War veteran captures a man accused of killing a soldier-but discovers the man is innocent. 



A rancher teams up with an old enemy and a hardened barkeep to rescue his kidnapped daughter. 


A woman starts digging for oil and seeks revenge when her father is murdered during a feud with an oil company. 

The West And The Ruthless 

Outlaws, plantation owners, runaway slaves , a half-Cherokee girl, brothel owners, and a pregnant woman all flee for their lives after a bloody shootout. 

West Of Hell 

A gunslinger, a vengeful ex-slave, and a runaway team up to battle a sinister force on a train to Atlanta. 

West Of The Divide 

Undercover man John Wayne is out to stop the crook who’s after his friend’s ranch. 

Western Religion 

Gunfighters from around the world arrive in Religion, Arizona to compete in a legendary poker tournament- and find their souls at stake. 

Western World 

A U.S. marshal tracks a killer in the Wyoming Territory. 

Wild Faith 

A widower Civil War veteran faces bigotry when he brings a dead soldier’s black wife and daughter into his home-until a circus train’s arrival causes mysterious events that help the family. 

Wild Horses 

Detective Robert Duvall investigates a local rancher, who may have murdered a missing boy fifteen years ago. 

Winds Of The Wasteland 

Hoping to set up a stagecoach line with his friend, cowboy John Wayne competes in a horse race to win a coveted government mail delivery contract. 

Woman Walks Ahead 

A widow confronts an Army officer bent on war with Indians when she goes to meet Sitting Bull. 

Yellow Rock 

Five men battle wild animals, the elements, and each other as they try to rescue a family member and his missing son.