Reviewed by: Nicholas Chizzoniti

The book is set in the 1920s in Long Island. There are two places called west egg and east egg. East egg is where the people who were born rich live and west egg is where the people who have recently become rich live. Jay Gatsby is the main character in the book and Nick Carraway is the narrator. Gatsby was in love with Daisy and then went away for the war. When he came back daisy was married to Tom. Gatsby is on a quest to have daisy be in love with him again but will face trials on the way.

Reviewed by: Yashveer Singh

A novella within the Stormlight Archive series, Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson is about Lift, a young girl who must adapt to her new "awesome" powers of gliding across surfaces. Accompanied by a odd and timid vine creature that assists her on her ventures, Lift seeks out a malicious murderer known as Darkness who once nearly killed her. Leaving the suffocating life in the court of an emperor, Lift travels to Yeddaw, a bustling town specialized in selling information, to pursue the mysterious Darkness.


Reviewed by: Mario Ernesto

Need a good book to read by yourself or with ur family I got an idea for you guys!!!! Wonder is such a great book for kids and adults. It’s about a kid named Augie that has a lot of health problems and his face has a lot of scars and is very different from other kids but he likes everything every single kid likes. It shows you how kids that have disabilities get treated horribly and it shows people how to handle those situations a very polite way. Kids are all innocent so they don’t deserve to be made fun of because of their health problems.


Reviewed by: Isis Kelly Rodriguez

Colleen addressed different issues in this book but the main was about domestic abuse. I respect her, for she placed the readers in perception of both the victim and third person. It is imperative to do so as it reminded us that heavy undone decisions could only be understood by the person in situation; and that heavy undone decisions aren't applicable and easy as it sounds to some affairs.

It Starts With Us

Reviewed by: Laysha Lopez

A woman proud in her work and attention to detail, Molly Gray is the woman who plays the maid in the novel. She works at the luxury Regency Grand Hotel, fluffing pillows and cleaning the rooms of the guests who stay there. Despite Molly never being noticed due to the fact she's a maid, the world is hers and throughout the novel we see how she navigates herself throughout the complexities life entails. One day while working, she stumbles upon something she never imagined herself discovering, as she cleans one of the hotels guest rooms.

The Maid

Reviewed by: Jan Macas

This book was about a teenager stuck in the drug life, his father was in jail for selling drugs and left everything he had(the business) to his son Ty. Ty lives with his mother but doesn't get along with her. His best friend Sonny always has Ty's back and always has the clients to sell the drugs to. Darkman is a character in the book who wants to ruin Ty's business by taking his clients or killing him.

Street Pharm