Reviewed by: Joshua

Continuing the journey, Jotaro and his companions are now on their way to Hong Kong and continue their journey to Egypt. While in Hong Kong they gain a new recruit and fight new enemies. The diabolical Lord DIO finds out their position although he is still getting used to his new body. In this volume we’ll see Jotaro and the team head to Ho Chi Min, and Singapore. We are also introduced to new stands such as strength, devil, and dark blue moon. The volume ends with a hotel meeting with the quirky Jean Pierre Polnareff.

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Reviewed by: Muhammad

Trapped on a foreign planet, the last remains of the human race are stuck fighting alien’s intent on exterminating them. A teenage girl longs to fly and join the battle for survival but her deserter father's legacy stands in the way of her attending flight school. Later discovering a find of advanced tech in an ancient cavern long abandoned to the elements she might've found a way to reach her goal.

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Reviewed by: Elizabeth

Chinese Cinderella is the story of an unwanted daughter who goes through the hardships of life given mostly from her parents. From a young age Adeline was mistreated by her siblings, Father, and step-mother. Things were better before when her mom was alive, as her mother was the best person in her life. After everything with her family, her grandparents were the one who really cared for her and her education. Her Father did not take much care into her life, so her relationship with him is not close.

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Reviewed by: Mariana

16-year-old star Carter moves between two worlds, the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy prep school she attends. Her world is shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed, which starts controversy that spreads throughout the world about the shooting. Star is the only one who has all the answers but she also does not want to endanger her life.

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