Book Review
Reviewed by: Mariana

16-year-old star Carter moves between two worlds, the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy prep school she attends. Her world is shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police…

The Hate U Give Book Cover

Shoutout to Schools

The three J's (Joshua, Juan and Jade) shoutout various countries who have listened to the ABT podcast, discuss the upcoming school year and rehash fond memories from past school years.

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English Teach and Alien Speech


Do you believe? Enjoy our creepy alien vocal effects while we dive into some alien conspiracy talk amongst our teens. Also, be entertained by a fascinating story from our MC Joshua and …

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Dreams, Jokes and Freestyles

Did you ever wake up in a cold sweat because you had a dream where your teeth were falling out? Or have you ever dreamt about things that happened to you at a later date? In this episode we discuss the possible meanings behind these bizarre but common…

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Pondering Life’s Biggest Questions

This episode includes intense, thought provoking dialogue between our teens as they ask each other intriguing and unusual questions. Such as... What gets you excited about life? How do you manage stress? Is cereal…

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Interview with Brentwood School Superintendent

In this Episode the Average Brentwood Teens interviewed  the school’s superintendent, Richard Loeschner. He spoke about growing up in Long Island, gave advice to high school students and shared some fun facts about himself by answering our lighting…

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Sing It Out!!!

Our seventh episode includes:

  • a discussion of the catfishing phenomenon
  • shout-outs to our reviewers on Apple Podcasts
  • Sing it Out Challenge where our podcasters compete to see who can name the most songs including…
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Interview with State Senator Monica Martinez

In this special episode of Average Brentwood Teens we interview State Senator Monica Martinez.  Ms. Martinez is a Brentwood High School graduate, former Vice Principal at East Middle School, and previously held the position of Suffolk County…

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August Teen Programs

Check out our teen programs for the month of August!

Register here! Click on the hand for the program you want to register for. 

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It’s Snack Time

Segments in our fifth episode include:

  • It’s Snack Time! We taste test and review snacks from Russia
  • Conspiracy Corner
  • Entertainment News! We discuss upcoming movies and video games

Thanks for listening…

Episode Number 5