New Year New Resolutions

🎇Do you keep your New Year’s resolutions?🎇

The ABT crew discuss their own resolutions and how they plan on transcending the fabric of reality. Can you guess which teen’s resolution is to win our Tekken 7 tournament?

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Book Review
Reviewed by: Kevin L.

A 1986 horror novel based on a clown killing and terrorizing kids. The clown's name is Pennywise. In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids came together to take Pennywise out. However, Pennywise has the ability to…

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Book Review
Reviewed by: Taylor K.

It's Kind of a Funny Story is a novel about a stressed teenager named Craig Gilner who begins to feel the effects of his mental health issues. He finds that the hobbies he used to enjoy are no longer entertaining, and he…

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Book Review
Reviewed by: Carmen A.

This manga is about a boy named Hinata who has a small stature and admires a Karasuno player called the little giant. At Hinatas school volleyball was not played, but Hinata convinces his friends to make a team and start playing with…

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Interview with Officer Eiffel Ramirez

👮 Our teens bring the heat this week when interviewing Officer Eiffel Ramirez! 👮

Find out if he is a Mets or Yankees stan, the craziest thing that has happened to him on the job, challenges he faces as a police officer and whether or not a hot…

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Miss Kaye Recommends

Lovely War

by Julie Berry

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


KPOP Club - DIY Notebooks

Our teen kpop fans came to the library on December 16th for Kpop Club. We decorated spiral notebooks with patterned paper and kpop stickers, ate honey butter potato chips, and then competed in a kpop game for prizes.




Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

Congrats to the winners of our December Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament!!! 

  • 1st Place: James
  • 2nd Place: Chris
  • 3rd Place: Quincy 
  • Winner of LB:…

Ugly Holiday Portraits

Our teens had a great time taking ugly holiday sweater portraits! We used a ring light, photography background and various props to capture a one-of-a-kind portrait guaranteed to bring holiday cheer!



Interview with Kofi - The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Falco God

Listen to the ABT interview Kofi, a Brentwood Public Library employee and one of the highest ranking Smash Bros. players in NY!

Find out why he plays Falco, how he got started as a pro, and whether he puts cereal or milk in his bowl first. 🎙️…

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