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Review: College Conundrums

ABT * July 8, 2022
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This review is for the Teen Podcast "College Conundrums." This episode focuses mainly on the purpose of college, what majors are the most practical or interesting, working, and common worries held by kids my age about college and their futures. I liked that the podcast had a variety of different opinions about college and it wasn't just about how the college experience is either worth it or a waste of time. There were honest discussions about financial situations, which I appreciate as I am also very concerned about money and my family's financial situation as I go into college. I especially liked the section titled "College worries?" because it brought up many different concerns that I've had about my future, including whether or not waiting to declare a major and decide what I want to do is okay. It also made me feel better to hear that other teens are worried and even scared of what the future holds. This episode also acknowledged how college can be a fun experience and how students in college are often extremely welcoming to incoming freshmen. I've only had good experiences with college students when I asked about certain schools and looked into certain campuses. It is nice to know that people who are in the same generation as me and are my age are looking forward to the future while also being honest with themselves about their limits and their expectations. While I'm very nervous for my own college experience, I feel better about what is in store for my future and my relationships after hearing about how these teens keep a positive outlook toward such an intimidating time in their life.