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Reviewed by: Christian S.

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Quarantine: Watch and Read

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Episode 4

In this episode we delve into teen dating violence.  With the help of Taryn Kutujian, Community Education Manager from VIBS, we discuss a variety of topics including common misconceptions of dating abuse, warning signs, human trafficking, age…

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Episode 3

Self-harm or self-injury, is the act of deliberately harming your own body, such as cutting or burning yourself.  With the help of licensed social worker Stephanie Laureano, our teens talk about why teens might cut themselves and how to get help. …

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Episode 2

Social worker Stephanie Laureano is back for episode 2! In this episode our teens get advice about getting along with parents, staying faithful in relationships, and suicide.

Visit the …

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Interview with Tom Tarantowicz

This week the ABT crew interview the man that made all of this possible, the Director of the Brentwood Public Library, Tom Tarantowicz.

They discuss the daily life of a library director, suggestions for library (ball pit, indoor skydiving,…

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New Year New Resolutions

🎇Do you keep your New Year’s resolutions?🎇

The ABT crew discuss their own resolutions and how they plan on transcending the fabric of reality. Can you guess which teen’s resolution is to win our Tekken 7 tournament?

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Book Review
Reviewed by: Kevin L.

A 1986 horror novel based on a clown killing and terrorizing kids. The clown's name is Pennywise. In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids came together to take Pennywise out. However, Pennywise has the ability to…

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Book Review
Reviewed by: Taylor K.

It's Kind of a Funny Story is a novel about a stressed teenager named Craig Gilner who begins to feel the effects of his mental health issues. He finds that the hobbies he used to enjoy are no longer entertaining, and he…

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Book Review
Reviewed by: Carmen A.

This manga is about a boy named Hinata who has a small stature and admires a Karasuno player called the little giant. At Hinatas school volleyball was not played, but Hinata convinces his friends to make a team and start playing with…

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