Movies and Video Games

The podcast that I am listening to is about how teens talk about movies and video games. Something that I didn't like is that they take a long time to get to the topic. I also learned that the ps5 is very realistic like and that when you step on sand…

Book Review
Reviewed by: Derek Reyes

Speak is a book about a girl named Melinda. The book is about Melinda and how she deals with bullying, a thing she liked to do was draw while she was getting bullied. She liked to draw to keep her away from getting bullied. Then Melinda speaks up for…

Speak graphic novel

Book Review
Reviewed by: Jameele Penafiel

With regard of the Lemonade War, there are a brother and a sister (Jessie and Evan) who get into a argument on who could raise the most money selling lemonade on the last week of their summer vacation. Evan wants to win because he had always thought…

The Lemonade War

Newbies Unite

Get to know the brand-new ABT crew. They discuss how they feel about taking over for our graduated members 😭.

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SummerCon Stories and Graduation Gripes

Our teens remember their favorite parts of our first annual SummerCon library convention, also, hear what they really think about high school graduation ceremonies.

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The Great Gatsby

The book is set in the 1920s in Long Island. There are two places called west egg and east egg. East egg is where the people who were born rich live and west egg is where the people who have recently become rich live. Jay Gatsby is the main character…

Movie Madness

Our ABT members talk about current movies, whether they prefer streaming services or going to the movies, and the infamous Subway Sandwich story.

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Anime Memories

We discuss our oldest anime memories, our favorite anime OSTs, what one anime character we would like to meet and more!

Check us out on YouTube for a video recording of the podcast!

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Review: College Conundrums

This review is for the Teen Podcast "College Conundrums." This episode focuses mainly on the purpose of college, what majors are the most practical or interesting, working, and common worries held by kids my age about college and their futures.

Average Brentwood Teens

Book Review
Reviewed by: Yashveer Singh

A novella within the Stormlight Archive series, Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson is about Lift, a young girl who must adapt to her new "awesome" powers of gliding across surfaces. Accompanied by a odd and timid vine creature that assists her on her…