Drive up instructions

Drive up instructions:

  • Follow posted signs for curbside pickup locations and updates.
  • Enter the library parking lot from our Second Avenue (North) or Third Street (West) entrances only.  Our Third Avenue entrance (South) is for exiting vehicles only.
  • Proceed to the parking lot on the South side of the library, by our local history room.  This is the designated pick-up area.  Please note, traffic in and out of this parking lot is now one-way!
  • Park in an available designated “Curbside Pickup Service” parking spot.
  • Do not park in the spaces between curbside pickup spot.
  • Do not exit your vehicle.  Instead, please call (631) 496-4691 upon arrival, and Library staff will assist you.  When you call, you will need to provide your parking spot number, name and confirmation number.
  • Do not exit your vehicle.  A Library staff member will walk out and place a bag with your items on the sidewalk next to the sign in front of your car.
  • Once our staff member walks away, exit your car and retrieve your pickup bag.
  • Remember to practice social distancing when outside the car.
  • Exit the brick-walled parking lot through the Third Avenue (South) exit.