Book Review

Dog Man: Unleashed

The book is crazy that three forces of evil try to defeat Dog Man. He has to stop all of them! He gets help from Chief, Zuzu,and Sarah. Do they win or lose?

Dog Man 2

Messy Art Babies

Families joined their babies in some sensory fun and a messy craft. Using brown finger paint, they added 'mud' to a pig. But some babies ended up with more 'mud' on them than the pig! 

messy art babies

Under the Sea Storytime

Families had fun during our outdoor Under the Sea Storytime! We listened to stories, explored sensory stations, played games and more!

under the sea

Idea Lab

Fall Idea Lab

With summer's departure and the new school year beginning, our Idea Lab now has different times. Below are the times for Idea and Tinker Lab through October. Please keep in mind, registration is required. Look forward to seeing all of our makers! 

Playdough Play

Families enjoyed smashing, mashing, rolling and squeezing playdough together during our latest session of Playdough Play. Using the library's tools and inspiring mats, the children were able to create various masterpieces. They even got to take their creations home!




Book Review

Title of Book Review

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book image

Family Carnival

We had a blast playing games together during our Family Carnival! There was a popcorn craft, a ring toss, a disc drop and even more games. Lots of prizes were won and everyone went home with a giant cookie.

Family Carnival