The One and Only Ivan
By: Katherine Applegate

This book tells the story from the point of view of Ivan. Ivan is a gorilla who lived in a shopping mall for most of his life. Then throughout the story he meets Ruby a baby elephant and suddenly everything changed. Ivan loved to paint. The owner sold his paintings for money. He has grown accustomed to humans.  My favorite part of the book was when Ivan said to himself that Ruby is safe just like he promised and that was how you know that Ivan cared about his friend Stella. It was just a sentimental moment since Stella is no longer alive. I would recommend it to anyone because it's just an emotional Rollercoaster and a heart warming story.

This is actually a true story, there was a gorilla named Ivan who lived in a mall for about 3 decades. He actually did paint in real life.

Reviewed by: Tarini Rambharose