Read Alongs

The Children's Department has a brand new section for circulation: Read Alongs! Read Alongs are print books with a ready-to-play-audiobook built inside, so you can read the book and listen to it at the same time. Read alongs engage children with books and develop their reading and literacy skills needed for success in school and beyond. Check one out with your library card today!

Read Alongs

Family Night Out

Join us for our next Family Night Out movie on Friday, November 1! We'll be showing Toy Story 4 on the big screen at 6:30 pm.


Book Review

The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney

Devon Delany goes and spends the summer with her grandma. She meets a girl named Lexi. She tells Lexi lies like she is dating the most popular guy in school and that she is really popular. In reality she isn't popular and she isn't dating the most popular guy in school. When Lexi comes to her school without telling her she totally freaks out and starts to lie even more.

Devon Delaney

Idea Lab

Tinker Lab Fun

Children had fun in Tinker Lab putting together Snap Circuits and building LEGOs. 

Don't forget to sign-up for the last two sessions in October!

Fall Trees

Children created their own painted canvas masterpieces to welcome Autumn! 


Guatemalan Kites

In early November, huge colorful kites called barriletes gigantes soar over the skies of Guatemala. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we created our own mini versions to hang up at home.