Messy Art Babies

We had a blast during our last session of Messy Art Babies! The babies explored different sensory stations including water beads, colored scarves, a ball pit and more. They also worked together with their caregivers to make a melted snowman craft out of paper. 








Winter Reading Challenge 2020

It’s the season for winter reading! Beginning on January 3, children ages 5 and up can stop by the Children’s Reference Desk to sign up and pick up a board game. Each week complete the activity on the game board to be entered into a weekly raffle for a chance to win a prize! There will be two winners per week.



Book Review

Among the Imposters

Among the Imposters is the second book in the series called "Shadow children."  In this book Luke sees a shadow from the kitchen window. He decides to take a risk and go to that house to see what it is. He hopes it is also another third child like him. He meets a girl named Jen . They get along great until he finds out that she wants to protest in front of the government building.


Idea Lab

Winter Idea Lab

Don't miss out on the upcoming dates for Idea Lab and Tinker Lab!

January Dates & Times

Idea Lab (ages 9-12)

Saturday, January 11th from 3-4:00PM

Friday, January 31st from 7-8:00PM.

Idea Lab

Idea Lab with 3Doodler Pens!

On Sunday, December 22nd we had Idea Lab!

The children used our 3Doodler Pens which are 3D pens and can create anything you'd like! 

In the pictures you can see that some of our makers made a bracelet, a guitar, and glasses all out of the 3D pen!

Princess Party

The princesses and princes of Brentwood joined us for a Princess Party on the night of December 16th. We decorated crowns and wands and then posed with them in front of our princess backdrop. Everyone also got a goodie bag filled with princess Goldfish crackers.








Book Review

Rocket and Groot: Stranded On Planet Strip Mall!

This book is very funny because they are with a talking tape dispenser. The tape dispenser has humor.The raccoon is very mean and the tree can only say "I am Groot." The book is also very interesting because they are stranded on a planet that there are only robots.My favorite part of the book is that their ship was basically eaten by space piranhas!

Rocket and Groot