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Book to Movie Adaptions - Drama Edition Part 1

Are you looking for a good story? Try these great books then watch the movies from Hoopla. There’s something for everyone!

Historical Fiction on Overdrive

Looking for a historical fiction novel, but can't figure out what to read next? Here are a few that you can check out on Overdrive!

Third Daughter by Talia Carner (2019)

Gale Virtual Reference Library Search Tips

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. The GVRL eBooks are available 24/7 with no checkout. Titles can be browsed, searched, and downloaded anytime from any Internet-connected device. You can research browsing by title, subject, basic search, and an advance search.

Links and Tips for Citizenship

Links and Tips for Citizenship

If It Quacks

Peter P. Ward

The Big Duck is a building shaped like a white duck with a yellow bill. If it were a real duck of this size it would be gigantic. Rated as a building, it is cottage-sized. 

The Big Duck

Video interview tips

Success at a virtual hiring event is about preparing beforehand, being on time, looking your best, and leaving the hiring staff with a great impression. Here are some tips provided by Indeed Career Guide that could be useful to get yourself ready for the virtual interview:

Old Fashioned Westerns on hoopla!

If you’re looking for some old-fashioned good guy/bad guy shootout action, try these movies on hoopla. 

6 Guns 

A young woman and a bounty hunter track down the men who killed her family 

Brentwood Stories - Quarantine Conversations III

In today’s episode, me and Peter pay a virtual visit to our friends at the Brentwood public library Career and business development center. Our colleagues Vicki, Olivia, and Kaven share their memories and thoughts on how working at the career center has evolved during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Brentwood Stories - Quarantine Conversations II

Peter Carmona and Peter Ward catch up with librarians and fellow podcasters Christoher Kretz and Christopher DeCristofaro. They discuss the quarantine, podcasting and even squeeze in some tech talk. 


Brentwood Stories - Quarantine Conversations I

In this special Brentwood Stories miniseries, my cohost Peter and I check in with members of the Brentwood Library family to document their experiences during quarantine. Today's episode features Ellen Edelstein, President of the Brentwood Historical Society and Celia Vollmer, long time Brentwood Library Employee and Red Cross Volunteer.