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Musical Comedies on Hoopla

Here are some funny song-fests you can enjoy on Hoopla!

A Song Is Born

A woman takes refuge in a musical institute run by several bachelor professors-and one of them falls in love with her!

Family Musicals on Hoopla

Here are a few entertaining family musicals to watch on Hoopla.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

An animated musical fable about a revenge-seeking German shepherd, a lonely young orphan, and their adventures together.

Pasando del - ¿cómo? – al - ¿por qué?

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Musical Documentaries on Hoopla

Here are some good films about music and musicians that you can check out on Hoopla!

All The Way Through Evening

A look at the annual concerts by pianist Mimi Stern-Wolfe featuring works by friends and colleagues who have died from AIDS.

Film Noir on Hoopla

Do you like dark, twisty thrillers? Are you a fan of TCM’s “Noir Alley”? Then try these film noir classics on hoopla.


A hitchhiker takes the identity of the dead driver who picked him up-then finds himself accused of murder.

Basketball and Hockey Movies on Hoopla

While you’re waiting for the hoops and hockey seasons to resume, try these movies on hoopla

Basketball Documentaries

Ambassadors Of Hoops

American achievements in worldwide professional basketball leagues over the last 40-plus years.

Novelist Plus

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Baseball Movies on Hoopla

If you’re a baseball fan, you might be looking for something to watch (other than old games). Try these baseball movies available on Hoopla.


Ballplayer: Pelotero

Football Movies on Hoopla

It's football season! While waiting for the next Sunday to come around, check out these movies on hoopla.


365 Days: A Year In Happy Valley

A look at the aftermath of the Sandusky trial, and its impact on Happy Valley - the small-town home of Penn State.

Book to Movie Adaptions - Drama Edition Part 2

Part 2 is here!!! Still looking for a good story? Try one of these great books then check out the movie from Hoopla. There’s something for everyone!