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Art Essentials and Their Alternatives Vol. 2 (Video Editing)

Video editing plays a huge role in creating visual content for certain careers or just making videos for Youtube. However video editing programs can wind up being expensive and create a barrier of entry for creators who want to start making videos. Adobe Premiere Pro costs $239.88 per year, and is one of the most commonly used video editing programs.

The dinos rule!

Jurassic World Dominion

The dinos are back to chomp again in this sixth "Jurassic Park" film, last one in the "Jurassic World" trilogy. The movie is a fitting finale to the series.

Brentwood Stories – Episode XXI

Mirtha Colon has been a library patron for over ten years. In 2021, she attended our citizenship courses and earned her US citizenship! In this episode, I speak with Mirtha as she shares a little about her life and family in Brentwood.

Preparing your Garden for Winter Months

By Librarian Nicholas Saturno

For the home garden:

Picutre of a palm tree on a beach during sunset hours

Brentwood Stories - Episode XX

In today’s episode Celia and I speak with Eric D'arce. Eric worked as a page for the Brentwood library during his high school years, then later served our country as a member of the marines and now works for a solar energy company and also works with his wife in her newly founded business!

New Arrivals in Gaming

Check out some of the newest gaming titles now available at the Brentwood Public Library! Check availability below.


Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Brentwood Stories – Episode XIX

Hello and welcome back to Brentwood stories. In our latest episode, Celia and I welcome two of Brentwood public library’s internet stars: Kofi and Andres. Listeners might remember Andres from our Episode featuring library pages Joshua and Juan, or from his work on our library’s other podcast: Average Brentwood Teens.

Brentwood Stories – Episode XVIII

In today’s episode, Celia and I catch up with former page Jessica Ferrara. Jessica shares her memories from working at Brentwood library and tells us about her journey to becoming a veterinary doctor.