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A&D Medical UA-1030t Blood Pressure monitor

A&D Medical UA-1030t Blood Pressure monitor


The A&D Medical Premium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Verbal Assistance can help you take your BP at home with confidence. Simply follow the verbal prompts (in English, Spanish, or French) and use the large Start button to take and record your blood pressure.

The digital blood pressure monitors stores up to 90 readings in its memory, making it easy to share your history with your healthcare professional or family. Additionally, this blood pressure monitor allows you to take 3 measurements in a row and automatically average the results, as is recommended by many healthcare providers.

The Medium Cuff fits most people with 9" to 14.6" arms. The cuff’s tapered design conforms to your arm for comfortable inflation, and advanced inflation and deflation technology (plus adjustable pressure settings) ensures fast results without the discomfort of other machines.

This BP monitor is clinically validated to meet the American National Standards Institute requirements. Other features include a large display, an advanced warning system, adjustable pressure settings, TriCheck feature, irregular heartbeat detection, a large display, and the pressure rating indicator (displays blood pressure results as high, low, or normal for quick classification). A cuff fit message ensures accurate measurements by alerting the user when the cuff is too loose.

A&D Medical UA-1030t Blood Pressure monitor manual.pdf

A&D Medical UA-1030t Blood Pressure monitor Start Guide.pdf


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