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Flipster is a service offering many different magazine subscriptions in one convenient place. Though magazines may seem a bit old fashioned to some, there are still many publications worth looking into for Young Adults and Beyond. Here are a few suggestions to kill some time and enjoy some light reading.

#1 - Guitar Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine 

Guitar Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine offer in-depth reviews on equipment and accessories relating to guitars and bass guitars. They also offer tips and tricks to improve your playing, as well as interviews from famous guitarists and bassists that can give insight into the rock and roll experience. Rock isn't the only genre covered however. There is plenty to enjoy from genres like country, blues, indie, alternative, punk, and metal. 

#2 - PC Gamer

PC Gamer offers reviews for games written by gamers. They also offer information on current and upcoming games and hardware to keep you informed about what's available in the market. PC Gamer is great for people who are new to computer games, but want to get into the world of PC gaming. This publication is worth a read for anyone who loves gaming. 

#3 - Eating Well 

Eating Well is a great publication for people who want to delve into cooking, but also want healthy options. When you live on your own it can be difficult to motivate yourself to eat right. With Eating Well you have access to tons of healthy recipes that walk you through how to prepare your meals for yourself. It also offers nutrition facts and advice on how to shop smarter and keep a healthier lifestyle.