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Book to Movie Adaptions - Musicals Edition

Do you like musicals? Then try these hoopla titles based on classic novels. They have great stories and beautiful songs. Read the book and then enjoy the movie!

Native Plant Victory Gardens 

“Much credit is due to the patriotic men and women who spent so much time in planting the twenty million Victory Gardens in the United States, and helped to meet the food requirements. It is estimated that about eight million tons of food were produced in 1943 in these Victory Gardens”  

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Cómo mejorar el inglés durante la cuarentena

¿Qué pudo hacer para no olvidar lo que he aprendido en clases y mejorar el inglés?


MEDLINE Database

MEDLINE Database

By Nicholas Saturno

The Joy of Watching Movies!

by Nicholas Ziino

I’ve loved movies since I was a kid. I’d get so excited about going to the theater with family or friends to see a new movie. It was fun sitting in the dark, eating candy or popcorn. Sure, I’d watch movies on TV, but it wasn’t the same. Going to a movie theater was a special event.